Home School: Art

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Game: Trivial Pursuit (Art History)

During the ’06-07 school year, TES’s project from the pull-out program was to create something related to Art History. One child created an amazing miniature museum—it even included a bathroom. However, the popular choice was to create a game. TES chose to create a game for use with a Trivial Pursuit board. She researched and wrote enough questions to create 30 question cards. Her classmates loved it. Below are her question cards.

Question card / game comments:
(1) The questions include only the artists the class had discussed up to March.
(2) The question cards are meant to be printed on both sides.
(3) There is a category called “Painting”. On many of the cards, the question is “Name this painting” or “Name the artist who painted this painting”. We included art post cards for these questions.

Once the question cards are printed they can be used with a standard Trivial Pursuit board. (We purchased ours at a thrift store for under $5.) We did modify the rules for our use. There is a link for these rules; however, they are based on the original rules from the 1980s Edition of Trivial Pursuit.