Home School

We began our home schooling adventure in 2005. Our oldest was in third grade at that time. Because we were apprehensive about starting, our middle daughter attended kindergarten at a local Montessori school. The first year was a success so we decided to bring our middle daughter home for first grade. Having a background in software applications as well as layout and design, when I could not find the teaching material I wanted, I chose to create it. Since we began, I have created numerous items to assist us in this adventure. Much of the material was originally posted on our family website. Because there were so many downloads, we decided to create a website to house the popular items as well as generalize other material for widespread use. Since all material was originally created to benefit us directly, I am in the process of modifying it for others to use, so check back for newly added materials. If you find mistakes in any of the documents, let us know.

How It Works

All home school materials are available to copy, print, and distribute freely. You may alter the contents of the file(s) to suit your educational needs. This material, in any form, may not be used for resale.

Free Educational Materials

General & Gifted

General material includes record keeping aids, motivational ideas, and some of our favorite websites.


Language materials include grammar flashcards, puzzle (sight) word cards, and notebook pages for "English from the Roots Up".


History materials include ratings of Sonlight Core books, some of our favorite history materials, and an art history game.


Math materials include Montessori 'beads' and stamp game, multiplication and division paper (a ttkreations original), student reference items, and other math aids.