Home School: Math

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Miscellaneous Math Resource Materials

As we introduced new math topics, many times our girls needed to reference the new concept. We created a reference binder and included the following materials. In first grade we started with an empty reference binder; we added the printed reference material after we discussed the topic. Each subsequent school year we started with the previous year's binder. As they advanced, we replaced the simpler reference material with the more detailed reference material.

Multiplication and Division Paper

When we started long division, Jill realized a big problem for the girls was keeping their numbers aligned. We tried using graph paper, but the boxes were too small and there was no way for them to know when the answer was correct. Thus "Division Paper" was created. When TMS started long division, she used the division paper, but initially needed some additional information, so Division Paper with 'steps' was created. (All variations created are in the below .PDF file.) Somewhere in all of this, Multiplication Paper was created. Multiplication paper also has a 'steps' version for students who are just learning 'long' multiplication.

Currently the multipication and division paper files are rather large and not very teacher friendly. We are currently in the process of making these documents a little easier to manage. Once complete, we will post them.

(The 'steps' version is text intensive and designed for the teacher to assist the student; be sure to go over these steps with your student as often as necessary. Trust us, this takes some time, but it will work. Once your child is comfortable with the 'steps' of multiplication, you should transition to the next version.)

without student instructions

...coming soon

Division Paper

with student instructions

...coming soon

without student instructions

...coming soon

Montessori Math Materials

Since Montessori bead chains are rather pricey and I dreaded making bead bars, I decided to make paper ‘beads’. The colors match the Montessori bead bars, but, depending on your child may or may not be well received. TMS did not like the paper variety and insisted on ‘real’ bead bars. Fortunately she accepted the plastic pony beads on pipe cleaners. The paper ‘beads’ are below.

Once KES was home for first grade, we realized that she didn’t have much experience with the bead chains so we made the number arrows for her to do bead chain work. Because there was room on the card stock, Jill created more numbers than in the long-chain (for most numbers). This file is also below. To withstand the frequent use, print on card stock.

Stamp Game

When in kindergarten in Ms. Rosemary's room, TES loved the Stamp Game so we made a home version. TMS was not as enthusiastic about the stamp game at school or at home. However, she did enjoy doing a version of the stamp game using "snap cubes" (green, blue, and red, to coincide with Montessori colors) instead of the tiles.
Below is the ‘deluxe’ version of the Stamp Game. ‘Deluxe’ includes tiles for the thousands (1,000; 10,000; 100,000). There are two styles of tiles for the thousands. TMS's preference was the white tile with colored numbers.