Home School: Grammar

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When TES started homeschooling, we tried to make the transition from Montessori to home as smooth as possible. She had been working with the Montessori grammar box throughout first and second grade. When she started the Winston Grammar program, Jill wanted to create manipulatives that incorporated both programs. The files below are what she created. TES seemed to find the cards helpful when diagramming sentences. The cards are meant to be printed on both sides.

Additionally, we thought grammar flashcards would be helpful; however we could not locate them to purchase anywhere—so Jill created some. To the best of our recollection, the grammar flashcard words are taken predominately from Montessori word lists.

Long before we started homeschooling, Jill created puzzle word cards based on the Montessori puzzle word list given to us by Ms. Rosemary.

Sight (Puzzle) Words

The list includes ten packets. All ten packets are included in the below file. Each ‘packet’ is numbered and color coded.