Note Cards

Since I first started using a word processor over 20 years ago, I haven't written anything longer than a post-it note by hand. Eventually, I found that nearly all of my correspondence was done through email and instant messaging. About five years ago, I realized that these habits had taken a lot of the fun out of communicating with my friends and family and made the process increasingly impersonal. In an attempt to return some individuality and expressiveness to my correspondence, I started creating note cards for myself. These cards were very popular so I started giving sets of them out as gifts too. Apparently people enjoyed sending these cards as much as they did receiving them because I received many compliments about the cards and requests for "refill packs". Of course, no one ever seemed to notice that they were out of cards until they desperately needed one which resulted in a lot of last-minute requests as well. Since all of my friends had color printers, I started to give them electronic copies of the cards along with the gift packs I was giving out. That way, they could produce exactly the number of cards they needed whenever they needed them.

How It Works

Click link to open a note card design.
Print design on card stock (110 lb.).
For each 8 1/2" x 11" piece of card stock (there are two 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" note cards).
Cut paper on the dotted line.
Fold each note card in half.

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